Soluzioni Lenti a Contatto Upsapharm : Hylo-Comod 10ml

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Hylo-Comod is a sterile solution for a better humidification of the ocular surface in disorders of its sensitivity caused by external influences, as for example dry eye, foreign body eye sensation, or eye burning (like sand being in the eye). Hylo-Comod does contain neither phosphates, nor preserving agents, the drops can be used also by contact lens wearers. Use: in general, drop one drop into each eye 3x daily, it is possible to use the drops more often. If you need to use the product more often than 10x daily, get your eyesight checked by an ophthalmologist. Notice: if you use other eye drops, the interval between application of the drops and Hylo-Comod should be at least 30 minutes with eye drops applied at first. The bottle content can be used for up to 6 mounths after the first opening.

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Soluzioni lenti a contatto UPSAPHARM-HYLO-COMOD-10ML 

SOLUZIONI LENTI A CONTATTO: Upsapharm : Hylo-Comod 10ml

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