Eye protection from blue light and led monitors.

1. What the blue light causes...

Many people currently suffer from red irritated eyes, eyestrain, headaches, "blurred" vision even insomnia during or after use of digital devices. Many of these symptoms are caused by the so-called "high-energy visible light" also known as blue light, which is emitted by digital devices. The blue light alone is a natural phenomenon, also part of the daylight and helps to keep ourselves awake. Excessive exposure to it can have negative effects.
Blue blockers Tokai TBC

3. The Digital Age

Our life is dominated by digital devices Led TVs, tablets, Smartphones, GPS. These light sources emit a large amount of "blue light" to emphasize the brightness. Many of these devices use the long hours, usually from morning till night. We also tend to have these devices at a short distance, so our eyes are forced to constantly refocus as alternately observe the images and text.

Blue cut coat

lenses with blue filter for  LED screens

4. Blue Light glare

The blue light has dispersion characteristics. Therefore, it has a higher probability of hitting the dust and moisture particles present in the air. The result is the blue light to generate a blinding flash and the apparent flicker of the image, thus vision with blurred contours.
The blue light has dispersion characteristics..

6. Blue light and blurred vision

The focus distance is different depending on the wavelength of the radiation and thus depending on the color. When focusing the red color on the retina, then the same time the color blue is focused in front of the retina. Therefore the picture may appear blurred. By eliminating these blue waves, the focal length difference will be smaller, so the vision is sharper.

2. Special glasses filters...

The special lenses for glasses with TBC coating neutralize the blue light emitted from digital screens, protecting the eyes from fatigue and irritation. With TBC Tokai lenses have a more relaxed and comfortable vision while reducing the intensity of light that causes glare while enhancing the contrast by the display colors more natural and vivid. In addition to protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of blue light, the Tokai TBC lenses have the best anti-scratch coating that repels water, grease and dust, keeping them clean lenses for much longer while making cleaning them very easy .

Damages caused by blue radiation HEV

5. Where to find them

These special lenses with blue radiation filter made by Tokai are called TBC. The respective product made by Hoya is called Blue Control. They can be fitted in any frame you want. They are used by people who already wear glasses with a refractive correction (myopia , hyperopia , astigmatism ), but also by those who do not need glasses and only want to protect their eyes from fatigue and problems caused by long-term use led screens. Such problems include macular degeneration, a serious disease that causes irreversible eye damage.

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